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We make [great] things

With Velocity, you can:

  • Design custom storefronts
  • Provide time-sensitive, limited, perishable, and consumable virtual items
  • Create branded digital items
  • Track promotional codes
  • Manage and administer virtual item properties
  • Track the pricing and ownership of virtual goods
  • Report and monitor primary and secondary market activity and transactions
  • Bill in up to 178 Currencies in 236 territories

And, so much more...

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Deqq is a monetizable social media channel for musicians, filmmakers, and broadcasters.

  • Provides an on-going direct permission-based connection between content producers and their fans
  • Allows fans to collect and buy digital media without DRM constraints
  • Connects together fans who have common media interests
  • Is instantly compelling and fun for fans, whether you have 20 or 20,000

If you're discussing music, films, photos, or just general thoughts and inspirations, connect and earn revenue from those who care most about your content.

This is not another portal or destination's a content monetization ecosystem that works with what you have already!


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Velocity is a fully extensible and scalable virtual goods management and payment solution that works in any online game, community or virtual world environment.

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At Work at Play, we've created an innovative solution that allows musicians, filmmakers, and broadcasters to have direct conversations around their content with the people who matter most – their fans.

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